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Disney Heroes Battle Mode – A Complete Game Guide

Disney Heroes Battle Mode is strategy based game. In the game, the players are required to face different types of battle conditions. All players need to form a good team of Disney characters by which they can face the opponents. The game is designed by adding a big plot of Disney characters. The players need to put efforts into unlocking the best and powerful characters. With it, they can easily dominate others and defeat the opponents.


For all these things, the players should follow the Disney Heroes Battle Mode tips. With help of these tips, the players are able to know how to play the game properly. These things are also based on the knowledge of players related to the game.


In the game, characters are the most important thing. The players are required to build a good team by recruiting the suitable characters in the team. All types of characters are not unlocked from the first day. The players need to spend in-game funds and collect some specific chips for unlocking a character. There are some default characters those players have from the beginning –

  • Ralph
  • Elastigirl
  • Frozone
  • Vanellope

For unlocking these characters, the players are not required to spend money. These ones are unlocked from the first day. The players need to unlock more characters for improving the team strength and focus on other factors.

Things related to battle

The first motive of all players is to win the battles regularly. It cannot be possible without a good team. Formation of the team is based on several factors. The most important one is the character type. In the game, characters are divided into different types of categories. All categories are specialized in different kind of skills. The players need to make a balanced team.

  • 1 tank type
  • 3 damage type
  • 1 support type

If you are forming a team of five characters in this particular way then you may find it highly beneficial. It can help you in winning lots of battles and making several things easier.

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Important things

The game is developed by adding different types of elements. These elements are beneficial in getting lots of entertainment and providing a better experience. All these things are helpful in several ways.

  • Arena – It is a specific game mode in which, the players face teams of other real-time By winning battles in the mode, the players can earn some arena tokens. These specific tokens can help you in earning lots of rewards and receiving some hero chips.
  • Surge – This particular element is associated with the team factor. The players can unlock it when their team reaches the level 30. After that, they can earn an amount of Surge tokens. These tokens are helpful in buying various types of items such as – credits, badges, hero chips and some other things.
  • Market – In the game, the players need to take help from different types of items and things. They can buy these types of items from the in-game store or some other sources. A market is a place where the players can buy these items by paying an amount of coins.
  • The port – The port is another game mode. By playing this particular mode, the players are able to earn EXP drink. It is helpful in increasing the character’s level easily.
  • Level of the team – For winning the battles, the players are required to strengthen their team. It becomes possible by playing and winning the stages and battles in campaign mode.

All these elements are highly beneficial in playing the game properly and focus on several factors. With it, you should follow the Disney Heroes Battle Mode Hack No Survey Tool properly for boosting the in-game funds.

Features of the game

In the Disney Heroes Battle Mode, the players are able to take help from different types of features. With it, they can perform different types of activities and enjoy the battles.

  • Guilds
  • Coliseum
  • Trials
  • City watch

These are some features of the game. The players can use numerous other important and impressive features in the game. All features are providing a different kind of services. Some are useful in getting entertainment and some are beneficial in earning funds.