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Life changing game – Episode choose your story

Role-playing games are very nice and you can spend hours playing them. Are you still looking for a perfect game where you can live the life of your favorite character?

Your waiting time is over because you can do this in Episode - Choose Your Story game. The developer has made outstanding efforts to include great things in this one game.


There are more the fifty thousand stories and millions of characters are available. In addition to this, you can also design your favorite characters and write a story. These stories will be published and it is quite possible that you will have millions of fans soon.

Now you must be wondering that why you should choose this game. Well, it is noticeable fact that in this game, you will hardly need to pay close attention to every trivial detail but still, you have greater winning chances through your creativity.

Some people hardly find fun in watching the movie or reading the novel. But here you are getting a chance to make your own story and design the character the way you love.

Millions of games are always there but none of them offer such huge flexible platform. You can also choose the story as per your favorite role. Every story is divided into two episodes.

In case you don’t want to be indulged in the old written story, you can also write your own. But you should also remember the fact that winning the heart of people by writing a good story is not an easy task. For this, you should also keep some major points in your mind.

In this game, your story reader must read all chapters. Without retention your reader until the end, it is not possible to win rewarding points.

You can also explore other stories and their different characters by spending gems and passes. Use Episode Cheats to earn them free gems and passes.

How to win in contents

In case you want to win the episode writer contest you should remember some facts and points.

Remember that longer chapters are avoided by the majority of the readers. So to make it more effective and interesting you should keep the story precise.

As far as writer’s contest is concerned in Episode to choose your story game you should keep the chapters short in spite of long chapters.

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Short and precise story and chapters

In order to keep your story interesting, be sure that you are not adding too many chapters to it.

Most of the time writers are confused with the fact that story must go on. They add more and more chapters to it which is a big mistake.

So you can still win the contest with limited chapters in your story. Not include more than three or four chapters.